How Does Battery Factor Influences People’s Decision When Considering EV?

While electric vehicles (EVs) offer numerous advantages, there are a few challenges or concerns related to their batteries. Here are some common problems associated with EV batteries: 1.) Initial Cost 2.) Charging Duration 3.) Limitation Of The Range 4.) Ground Reality Of Charging Station 1.) Initial Cost: The initial cost of purchasing an electric vehicle … Read more

Want to know all about Tesla Model Y’23?

Hello, welcome to Cult EV. In this edition, we are going to be reviewing Tesla Model Y 2023. So let’s get started.  Price MODEL MSRP FAIR MARKET PRICE Base $47,240 $51,840 Long Range $50,240 $55,038 Performance $54,240 $59,302 Acceleration Exterior Technology Lights Cameras Trunk Space Interior Battery It’s seen that Tesla has paid attention to … Read more

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“Welcome to the Electric Revolution. Let’s be responsible toward the environment and make future better together.” “Get Charged and join the sustainable drive: step into our futuristic electrical wonderland!” Why Electrical Vehicles are an urgent demand in today’s time?  Fuel-based vehicles have significant impacts on various aspects of our lives and the environment. Here are … Read more